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5 Apps to Connect to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the hub for teamwork within Office 365. A team can chat via text, voice, and video. Microsoft Teams can connect people and apps bringing important information directly to the team that needs it. The apps listed below are either included in Office 365 or have a free version available to use.

1. Twitter

Teams Connectors Page

Twitter has become a complaint and communication hub. If you’re not on it, you can’t control the conversations about your organization. Microsoft Teams can give you regularly scheduled updates or immediate updates to help your organization stay connected to clients and prospects.

Pro Tip: I’ve watched a business explode in growth because the business owner was continually the first person to comment on President Trump’s Tweets. Not such an aggressive company? Wendy’s had the most popular tweet of all time by offering a man free chicken nuggets for a year. Talk about low cost advertising.

2. Chatra

Teams chat

The free-forever for one agent app, Chatra, is a live chat app for your website. Connect with customers and alert your team when a customer is ready to chat. Chatra & Teams can help grow your business, as well as, improve customer retention.

Insider Information: The younger generations don’t want to speak to a sales person on the phone or wait for your email response. As the world moves faster and faster chatting directly with leads will become more and more common.

3. Microsoft Forms

Teams Forms Responses

When a lead fills out a form on your website you have minutes to call or the odds of closing drop dramatically. The odds of contacting a lead decrease by over 10 times in the first hour! Luckily, Microsoft Forms integrates directly into Teams. The next available specialist can contact the lead immediately.

4. Bizzy

Web Chat

Bizzy is one of the easiest bots to configure and setup. Built on top of Microsoft Flow, Bizzy can help your team move faster in the matter of days, not months. While Bizzy can be configured directly in Flow, the Bizzy Admin Portal unlocks the full potential of the platform. Skill organization, permission management, custom bots and many more features. Bizzy is easily one of the top bots on the market today.

5. Microsoft Flow

Teams Microsoft Flows

Get notifications for approval processes and all sort of integrations! Microsoft Flow is one of the most complex yet powerful workflow apps on the market. Pairing Microsoft Flow with Microsoft Teams can mean the automated passing of tickets, notifications when documents are updated, the list goes on and on. While complex, the options are practically endless.

Pro Tip: Leave the complex flows to the experts. Stick to the templates for a while. Flows can be literally do parts of your job for you but you can easily get lost and frustrated going down the rabbits hole.