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What Is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud for businesses. Designed around productivity and collaboration, Microsoft has integrated over 30 apps into the cloud platform. From email, file storage, and secure chat for teams, businesses around the world are empowering their users by improving productivity while cutting costs. Microsoft’s continued shift to cloud computing has had a significant impact on businesses.

Exchange Online is Microsoft Office 365’s cloud-based email solution. The industry-leading cloud solution is the most common app adopted by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Microsoft Exchange Online provides the benefits of a cloud-based email service with the robust capabilities of an on-premises server deployment. Simple to manage and rock-solid security has made Exchange Online the top business email service in the cloud. SPAM filters, compliance, e-discovery, and archiving are integrated directly into the platform. Since every user can have a mailbox up to 50GB in size and send and receive emails as large as 150MB, organizations can stop managing mailboxes and start being more productive.

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