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Creating a free Microsoft 365 tenant for practice

Before we can start learning how to secure Microsoft 365 we will need a test tenant. A tenant where we can implement whatever you want and test things out before implementing them in production. A place where we can perform hands-on learning in a live environment without affecting production. Fortunately, we can set up a Microsoft 365 tenant for free to try out. You only need a free email address, such as,, or, and a phone number.

1. Go to Office 365 E5     

2. Click Free Trial

Microsoft 365 E5 Trial

3. Enter your email address. Click Next.

4. Click Set up account.

5. Fill out the form under Tell us about yourself. Then click Next.

Tell us about yourself form

6. Enter your phone number and click Send verification code. Enter the code texted to you.

Send verification code

7. Enter a name for your test tenant, for example, gitbittest1. Then click Check Availability. Find an available name. Then click Next.

How you'll sign in

8. Then enter a username, and password for your new tenant. Remember them or write them down. Then click Sign up.

How you'll sign in - enter credentials

That's it. You now have a Microsoft 365 test tenant.

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