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How to create users in Microsoft 365 Cloud Only

So let's talk quickly about creating users in Microsoft 365. Every user in your organization that requires a mailbox or admin role will be required to have a user account. The easiest way to add a user account is by creating a single user account in Microsoft 365.

Add a single user account in Microsoft 365 admin center

1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center > Users > active users page. Log in with your admin credentials.

2. Click Add a user

Add a user button in Microsoft 365 admin center

3. Enter the user's first name, last name, and username. On this page, you can also select if you want to automatically create a password or require the user to change the password at first login. Then click Next.

Microsoft 365 basic user account information

4. On the next page, you select the license assignment. Once you check the license you want to assign you can view the apps associated with the license by clicking the apps dropdown. Then click Next.

Assign licenses in Microsoft 365

5. On the Optional settings page select the admin roles you want to assign the user. More on the roles in the next lesson. On this page, you can also set profile info: Job title, department, office, phone numbers, and address. Click Next.

6. Click Finish adding.

Add a lot of users at one time

Manually adding users can get tedious especially if you have more than 5. So next we'll download a CSV template and update it with a bunch of users then import those users into Microsoft 365.

1. Go to Microsoft 365 > Add Multiple Users.

2. Click I'd like to upload a CSV with user information.

3. Click Download a blank CSV with the required headers.

Download a blank CSV file with the required headers

3. Open the file in Excel.

4. Add the user information that you want to be uploaded and save the sheet.

Microsoft 365 Users to Upload CSV

5. Go back to the Microsoft 365 admin center in your browser. Click browse and select the CSV you just updated. Then click Next.

Microsoft 365 upload users to import

6. Select the licenses you want to assign to the new users then click Next.

Microsoft 365 Assign licenses to imported users

7. Click Add users.

8. Click Download results to download a spreadsheet with the new user's usernames and password. Then click Close

Microsoft 365 Import Users Download results

Add a single user to Office 365 using PowerShell

Alright, now that we know how to create users using the web browser let's create a user using PowerShell.

1. Run Connect-MsolService and log in with your admin credentials.

2. Run Get-MsolAccountSku. The Get-MsolAccountSku command will return the AccountSkuId which is a way to identify your license ids.


3. Run the following command: New-MsolUser -DisplayName "<DisplayName>" -FirstName <FirstName> -LastName <LastName> -UserPrincipalName <UserSignInName> -UsageLocation US -LicenseAssignment <AccountSkuId> replacing the parts in brackets with your user's information.


That's it. You've now created a new user using PowerShell.

How to view and edit Microsoft 365 users

Viewing and editing users in Microsoft 365 is as easy as pie.

1. First go to and sign in with your admin credentials.

There's the list of users.

2. To edit a user click on the user. You'll see the user's information. There you can use the tabs at the top to navigate around the user or you can click Manage username and email to update the user's sign-in name or email address. Finally, click Manage contact information to edit the user's contact information.

Microsoft 365 edit user pane

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