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Your organization has a Microsoft 365 tenant. Your tenant has an information protection label named CompanyConfidential in the Microsoft Compliance admin center. Your tenant has CompanyConfidential applied to a global policy.

One of your users protects an email using the CompanyConfidential label and sends the email to an external recipient. The external recipient reports that they cannot open the email.

You've been asked to assist the user so the email can be sent to the external recipient. What should you do?

External users can open emails labeled with encryption and content expiration. The issue is caused by the external sharing settings or assigned permissions.

If the label is set to limit external sharing and the setting is set to only people in your organization, or existing guests external users may not be able to open the email.

If the label is set so permissions are applied and then limited to only authenticated users or specific users where the recipient isn't listed then the user won't be able to access the data.

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