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You have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

The Global administrator role is assigned to your user account. You have a user named Admin1.

You create an eDiscovery case named Case1.

You need to ensure that Admin1 can view the results of Case1.

What should you do first?

Optional answers

Open the Azure Active Directory admin center

Open the Microsoft Purview admin center

Open the Microsoft 365 admin center

Click Access & permissions

Assign a role to Admin1

Open the case and go to Settings

Correct answers

The user will need the eDiscovery Manager role assigned and then be given the permissions to the case.

1. Go to Microsoft Purview admin center > Permissions > Microsoft Purview solutions roles > eDiscovery Manager. Click Edit next to eDiscovery Manager.

2. Click Choose eDiscovery Manager > Add. Click the member you want to grant permission to. Click Add. Click Done > Save.

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