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You need to protect your organization against phishing attacks. The solution must meet the following requirements:

  • Phishing email messages must be quarantined if the messages are sent from a spoofed domain.
  • As many phishing email messages as possible must be identified.

The solution must apply to the current SMTP domain names and any domain names added later.

What steps should you take to complete the task?

Optional answers

Click Policy

Sign in to the Microsoft Defender admin center

Enable the settings

Select Anti-phishing

Go to Threat Management

Correct answers

  1. Open the Security & Compliance Admin center
  2. Click Threat Management > Policy > Anti-Phishing > Default policy
  3. Click Edit impersonation policy
  4. Go to Add domains to protect.
  5. Enable Automatically include the domains I own
  6. Go to actions
  7. Click Don't apply any action and set to Quarantine the message
  8. Go to Mailbox Intelligence
  9. Click Enable mailbox intelligence-based impersonation protection.
  10. Click If an email is sent by an impersonated user. Set to Quarantine the message.
  11. Save

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