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Your organization has a Microsoft Defender for Endpoint deployment with custom network indicators turned on.

The table below shows two Windows 10 computers that are protected by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Table showing Computer names and tags

The following table shows the machine groups in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Machine groups showing name and rules

In the following table, you can see the URLs/Domains indicators created from the Microsoft Defender admin center.

Domain chart

For each of the following statements, click yes if the statement is true. If the statement is false click No.

From a web browser on Computer1, you can open

From a web browser on Computer1, you can open

From a web browser on Computer2, you can open

Computer1 has a tag of Kiosk1 which makes Computer1 part of Group1. Group1 is blocked from accessing

All machines are allowed to access so Computer1 can access

Computer2's name ends with 2 and has a tag of tag1 so computer2 is part of Group2. Group2 is blocked from accessing

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