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Your organization has a Microsoft 365 tenant.

All the computers in your organization are running Windows 10. Every computer is joined to the domain and has Microsoft Intune installed.

Your organization has updated its IT policy. Your new IT policy says only required telemetry data should be sent to Microsoft.

You've been tasked with configuring the policy.

How do you create the policy and apply it to all your Windows devices?

To set up Telemetry data in Intune, you need a Configuration Profile set to Templates > device restrictions.

  1. Go to Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center
  2. Click Devices > Windows.
  3. Click Configuration profiles > Create profile. Set the platform to Windows 10 and later. Set the profile type to Templates. Select Device restrictions under Template name. Click Create.
  4. Set the name and click Next.
  5. Expand Reporting and Telemetry. Set Share usage data to Required. Click Next.
  6. Click Add all devices. Click Next.
  7. Click Next > Create.

Set Telemetry data to required in Intune

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