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Your organization has a Microsoft 365 tenant with a primary domain of

The following Windows 10 devices are joined to Azure AD.

Device BitLocker chart

What devices can you enable auto-unlock?

What devices can you configure and use BitLocker to Go?

Bitlocker to Go is Bitlocker for removable media. It is possible to encrypt removable media with Intune. You don't even need TPM on the Windows device. In short, you use Intune to protect removable media and then configure Bitlocker to require a passcode.

Bitlocker auto-unlock is also available through Intune. Bitlocker auto-unlock will automatically unlock data drives (for example a D: drive) when the OS drive (for example a C: drive) is unlocked. Bitlocker auto-unlock does not require TPM but it does require the OS drive to be encrypted.

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