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Your organization has a Microsoft 365 tenant with a primary domain of

Your organization works with a partner company named Uber Bikes. Your Microsoft OneDrive settings haven't been changed.

You need to allow your users to share files from Microsoft OneDrive with specific users at Uber Bikes but prevent your users from sharing files with anyone else.

What settings should you change in the SharePoint Online admin center?

By default, OneDrive files can be shared with anyone so increasing the permission level doesn't make sense.

By default, the link settings are set to "Anyone with the link" so they should be set to Specific people.

By setting the OneDrive External sharing to the least permissive level users would only be able to share with users that are currently in the GitBit organization so your users wouldn't be able to share with Uber Bikes.

Decreasing the permission level for OneDrive External sharing would be correct so users cannot share with anyone.

Modifying the device and sync settings wouldn't change who users can share too.

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