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26 cyber security careers with average pay and number of jobs available

Cyber security careers and their salaries

A career in cybersecurity is an exciting and rewarding field that is in high demand. With the increasing reliance on technology in nearly every aspect of our lives, the need for cybersecurity professionals is growing at an unprecedented rate. Cybersecurity is critical for protecting the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information, safeguarding against cyber attacks, and ensuring the continuity of business operations.

The field of cybersecurity is constantly evolving and offers a wide range of job opportunities. From technical roles, such as security analysts and penetration testers, to non-technical roles, such as compliance analysts and security project managers, there is a diverse range of career paths to choose from. Additionally, cybersecurity professionals have the opportunity to specialize in different areas, such as network security, cloud security, incident response, and more.

One of the biggest reasons to get started in a career in cybersecurity is the potential for a high salary and great job security. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the global cybersecurity market is expected to reach $170 billion by 2020, and the number of job openings in the field is projected to grow to 6 million by 2021. This is a clear indication that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is on the rise, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

Another reason to consider a career in cybersecurity is the opportunity to make a real impact. Cybersecurity professionals play a critical role in protecting individuals and organizations from cyber threats, and their work directly contributes to the safety and security of society as a whole.

Lastly, a career in cybersecurity provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. As technology and cyber threats are constantly evolving, cybersecurity professionals must stay informed of the latest trends and developments in the field. This requires ongoing learning and professional development, which can be both challenging and rewarding.

Overall, a career in cybersecurity offers a diverse range of job opportunities, high earning potential, job security, and the chance to make a real impact. With the increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals, now is the perfect time to start a career in this dynamic and fast-paced field.

Before I jump into the jobs let me give a little background on how I found the information. The descriptions were generated by ChatGPT. The average pay was found through a basic Google search and the number of jobs available was totaling up the total jobs when searching on and So some of the results may not be exact.

Cyber security job salaries and job availability

One thing this chart makes clear: Jobs in cloud security engineer, security analyst, and Microsoft 365 security pay well and are hot, hot, hot!

1. Microsoft 365 security administrator

It should come as no surprise that Gitbit has listed Microsoft 365 security administrator first. It's what this site teaches after all. To get started as a Microsoft 365 security administrator get your MS-500 certificate. To learn more go to Is the MS-500 worth it?

A Microsoft 365 security administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the security of an organization's Microsoft 365 environment. This includes implementing and managing security controls such as Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Conditional Access, as well as monitoring and responding to security-related events and alerts.

The job role includes configuring and managing security policies to protect against threats such as malware, phishing, and data leakage. This includes setting up and monitoring security alerts and reports and configuring and managing security features like Azure Information Protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, and Azure Security Center.

  • Average pay of a Microsoft 365 security administrator: $100,251 a year
  • Number of Microsoft 365 security administrator jobs available: 29,555

2. Security analyst

Responsible for identifying and assessing security risks and vulnerabilities in an organization's systems and networks.

  • Average pay of a security analyst: $104,680
  • Number of security analyst jobs available: 83,004

3. Penetration tester

Simulates an attack on a system or network to identify vulnerabilities and test the effectiveness of security controls.

  • Average pay of a penetration tester: $62,658
  • Number of penetration tester jobs available: 18,717

4. Security Engineer

Designs and implements security solutions to protect an organization's systems and networks.

  • Average pay of a security engineer: $95,770
  • Number of security engineer jobs available: 24,391

5. Information security manager

Responsible for creating and implementing security policies and procedures to protect an organization's information assets.

  • Average pay of an information security manager: $106,696
  • Number of information security manager jobs available: 20,454

6. Network security administrator

Responsible for the security of an organization's networks and network-based systems.

  • Average pay of a network security administrator: $81,305
  • Number of network security administrator jobs available: 19,858

7. Cybersecurity consultant

Provides expert advice and guidance to organizations on how to improve their cybersecurity posture.

  • Average pay of a cybersecurity consultant: $122,033
  • Number of cybersecurity consultant jobs available: 9,637

8. Incident responder

Responsible for identifying, containing, and mitigating the effects of security breaches and other security incidents.

  • Average pay of an incident responder: $87,810
  • Number of incident responder jobs available: 2,053

9. Security Architect

Responsible for designing and maintaining an organization's overall security infrastructure.

  • Average pay of a security architect: $129,550
  • Number of security architect jobs available: 8,119

10. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

Responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security-related data from various sources to protect an organization's systems and networks.

  • Average pay of a security operations center (SOC) analyst: $71,222
  • Number of security operations center (SOC) analyst jobs available: 12,644

11. Forensics Analyst

Responsible for investigating and analyzing data from computer systems, networks, and mobile devices to identify, track, and prevent cybercrime.

  • Average pay of a forensics analyst: $75,069
  • Number of forensics analyst jobs available: 2,885

12. Malware Analyst

Responsible for analyzing and understanding the behavior of malware and developing ways to detect and remove it.

  • Average pay of a malware analyst: $96,848
  • Number of malware analyst jobs available: 1,457

13. Threat Intelligence Analyst

Responsible for collecting and analyzing information about potential cyber threats to an organization.

  • Average pay of a threat intelligence analyst: $104,031
  • Number of threat intelligence analyst jobs available: 3,580

14. Cloud Security Engineer

Responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining security controls for cloud-based systems and services.

  • Average pay of a cloud security engineer: $141,238
  • Number of cloud security engineer jobs available: 67,825

15. Cybercrime Investigator

Responsible for investigating cybercrime and identifying and tracking the individuals or groups responsible.

  • Average pay of a cybercrime investigator: $53,661
  • Number of cybercrime investigator jobs available: 33

16. Compliance Analyst

Responsible for ensuring that an organization's systems and processes comply with relevant laws and regulations related to cybersecurity.

  • Average pay of a compliance analyst: $62,993
  • Number of compliance analyst jobs available: 55,607

17. Identity and Access Management (IAM) analyst

Responsible for managing and monitoring access to an organization's systems and data, including user authentication and authorization.

  • Average pay of an identity and access management (IAM) analyst: $66,775
  • Number of identity and access management (IAM) analyst jobs available: 19,442

18. Security Sales Engineer

Responsible for selling and providing technical support for cybersecurity products and services to customers.

  • Average pay of a security sales engineer: $105,857
  • Number of security sales engineer jobs available: 35,062

19. Security Researcher

Responsible for researching and discovering vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems and networks.

  • Average pay of a security researcher: $135,149
  • Number of security researcher jobs available: 27,606

20. Cyber Intelligence Analyst

Responsible for collecting and analyzing information from various sources to identify potential cyber threats.

  • Average pay of a cyber intelligence analyst: $74,262
  • Number of cyber intelligence analyst jobs available: 4,258

21. Vulnerability Management Analyst

Responsible for identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in an organization's systems and networks and implementing measures to remediate them.

  • Average pay of a vulnerability management analyst: $124,243
  • Number of vulnerability management analyst jobs available: 4,706

22. Cybersecurity Project Manager

Responsible for planning, executing, and finalizing cybersecurity projects according to strict deadlines and within budget.

  • Average pay of a cybersecurity project manager: $143,563
  • Number of cybersecurity project manager jobs available: 18,266

23. Cybersecurity Risk Manager

Responsible for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with the use of technology in an organization.

  • Average pay of a cybersecurity risk manager: $199,550
  • Number of cybersecurity risk manager jobs available: 14,272

24. Security Automation Engineer

Responsible for designing and implementing automated systems and processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations.

  • Average pay of a security automation engineer: $85,235
  • Number of security automation engineer jobs available: 70,211

25. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Engineer

Responsible for designing and implementing systems and controls to prevent the unauthorized use, disclosure, or loss of sensitive data.

  • Average pay of a data loss prevention (DLP) engineer: $140,000
  • Number of data loss prevention (DLP) engineer jobs available: 1,246

26. Cybersecurity Legal Counsel

Responsible for providing legal advice and guidance on cybersecurity-related issues and risks and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Average pay of a cybersecurity legal counsel: $86,931
  • Number of cybersecurity legal counsel jobs available: 4,292

It's worth noting that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other cybersecurity jobs available such as Secure Software Developer, Security Product Manager, Security Education, and Awareness Officer, and many others.

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