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Control permissions and access through admin roles

Questions for this test

  1. Assign an admin role to grant a user the ability to set retention policies
  2. Which admins can enable Microsoft Defender for Endpoint roles
  3. Which role provides User1 with the ability to view ATP reports
  4. Which admin centers could you use to view the permissions of an administrator role
  5. Which role should you grant the ability to export cases
  6. What role can assign Compliance Manager roles?
  7. What users can configure and view the user risk and risky user policies
  8. How do you assign an admin role
  9. ensure that a user named Joe Gruber can perform searches and place holds on mailboxes SharePoint and OneDrive
  10. Which role provides a user with the ability to view ATP reports
  11. Grant ability to enable and configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
  12. Role that will give ability to review audit logs
  13. What user accounts would User2 be unable to reset passwords?
  14. Grant user ability to search through mailboxes but not send from any mailbox
  15. What role can assign the reports reader role
  16. How to grant user Exchange management role
  17. Which role should you assign to grant the ability to view Microsoft Defender for Office 365 reports
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