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Microsoft Defender

Questions for this test

  1. Will the IP addresses cause an alert?
  2. What Azure information is required to deploy the sensors?
  3. You need to integrate the VPN and Defender for Identity.
  4. Implement Microsoft Defender for Identity to monitor a server
  5. How long will the delay be for updates to Microsoft Defender for Identity?
  6. You plan to evaluate the risk level for all the devices listed above.
  7. How should you prepare Intune for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint?
  8. Monitor the domain by using Defender for Identity
  9. Which files with the above policy apply?
  10. Give a report of everyone that's modified files
  11. Which files trigger an alert?
  12. Which URLs are blocked by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint?
  13. You need to configure the Defender for Identity standalone sensor to detect when certain sensitive groups are updated
  14. Enable delegation for the security settings of the devices in a device group
  15. You've been tasked with integrating Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  16. What permissions are required for each admin task in Defender for Endpoint
  17. Which type of Cloud App Security policy should you create?
  18. Administrators must manually approve all remediation for any of the executives
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